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Tips to keep your feet happy this holiday season

29/11/2018 by Oath Creative


The festive season can be very busy for some, whether it be getting the house ready for family gatherings to Christmas shopping. During this, you will be on your feet the majority of the time, that is why it is so important to look after them! This blog will give you some tips for looking after your feet during this busy period.

Wear Supportive Footwear

For majority of the time this season, you are doing activities that require you to be on your feet. Standing on hard surfaces for long periods can cause heel and forefoot pain. Wearing supportive footwear with softer soles and innersoles can help reduce the stress of hard surfaces. Also, choosing footwear that has arch support will help distribute your weight over a larger surface area so that pressure is relieved from the heel and forefoot.

They may complete the perfect Christmas event outfit, but high-heeled shoes place the foot into an abnormal position which affects both your feet and posture, putting extra stress on the forefoot and toes, as well as, your neck and back.

Whether it be buying a new pair of shoes or purchasing orthotics, supportive footwear give your feet the comfort that they need to break through the Holiday Season marathon!

Put your Feet up!

Although there are many things we need to check off our list before Christmas and New Years come around, it is important to take some time each day to rest! Standing on your feet all day can fatigue your lower limb muscles and place your feet under stress. This strain increases the chance of pain and discomfort, and risk of injury.

Take 20 minutes out of your day to just relax and put your feet up! Give yourself some time to recover and allow your body to rest. This will allow you to tackle the rest of your holiday season injury free

Stretch your Feet

Wearing ill-fitting or unsupportive shoes such as high heels for a long period of time places your feet in an unnatural position, which can cause pain and discomfort. Additionally, having your foot in this plantarflexed position overtime means your gastrocnemius (calf muscle) is constantly activated. This can cause tightness and muscle soreness.  A few stretches can be performed to alleviate any discomfort or tension throughout the muscle.

In a seated position with legs raised and supported, place a folded towel or theraband around the soles of your feet, while still holding onto the towel. Gently pull it towards you and let your toes point towards you, stretching out the calf muscle.

Alternatively, rolling the arch of your foot is a great way to relieve muscle tightness and prevent plantar fasciitis (hyperlink). You can use just about any round object such as a trigger ball, foam roller, golf ball, hand ball or even a rolling pin. Gently roll over the arch of your foot, back and forth. This can be done in both a seated or standing position!

These exercises can be performed daily to alleviate any tension or discomfort, and to ensure you are kept on your feet pain-free this busy holiday season!

Clean Feet are Happy Feet!

Not only does it feel extremely relaxing, soaking your feet in warm water for around 20 minutes removes dead, sweat and bacteria which build up over the day, especially in this heat! The warm water stimulates blood circulation and helps to relieve stiff muscles and frozen joints.

You can also add a handful of Epson salts into your warm water. Epson salts are a magnesium sulfate that is known as a natural remedy to reduce soreness, pain or inflammation.

Let your feet soak 2-3 times a week to reduce the risk of any bacterial infection or swelling. This will allow your feet to remain happy this holiday season!

If you need assistance with how to keep your feet happy over the holiday season, Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy are here to help! We are open until Christmas Eve, and re open from the 27th to 29th of December. Call (07) 3352 5116 or book an appointment online today.


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