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How to Find the Best Hiking Shoes

17/10/2018 by Pivotal Motion

Hiking has been growing in popularity among all age groups in recent times, and for good reason too! South East Queensland provides access to countless trails, climbs and great bushwhacking opportunities. The further you move from the pavement path, the quicker you will realise that a good hiking shoe is necessary to tackle the trails with stability and comfort. Some things to consider regarding hiking shoes are:



There are a few factors that effect the weight of the shoe. These include the level of support and stability, the waterproofing capabilities, and the longevity of the shoes. Ideally, a hiking shoe should get top marks in all these categories, however doing so would result in heavy, and cumbersome shoe which would only be a disadvantage on the trails. The solution to this problem is to asses what type of hiking you will be doing. Lightweight, low-cut hiking shoes are ideal for day trips, and heavier, more durable, ankle high shoes are ideal for longer trips with more rugged terrain.



Most good quality hiking shoes on offer will be waterproof. But again, depending on what type of hiking you are doing, this may not be necessary. Non waterproof shoe will weigh less and breath better, so this may be the better option if doing day hikes on dry trails.


Stability and Durability

For day hikes, a lightweight and flexible shoe is perfect. This ensures your not carrying too much weight or overpreparing for the hike. For hiking trips with technical or mixed terrain, you will need a stronger shoe that will protect your feet for long periods of time. There are several factors that increase the strength of the shoe including the upper. Newbuck/Leather uppers will last longer and will provide more protection than mesh uppers. Protective toe caps will reduce risk of injury at the expensive of a heavier shoe.


Best Hiking Shoes

Based on these factors, and patient feedback, the top three hiking shoes that we recommend are (in no particular order):

  1. Salomon X Ultra 3
  2. Merrell Moab 2
  3. Keen Targhee 3

All three shoes come in a shoe or a boot (high cut/standard cut)

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