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Sports Podiatry

Baker’s Cyst – Pain at the back of the knee which involves aching, swelling and a tight sensation at the back of the knee when the leg is outstretched.

Runner’s Knee – Knee pain usually impacted by runners. If you run a lot or are involved in activities where you bend your knees often, this is a common ailment you could have.

Ankle Sprain – Ankle sprain involves injury to a ligament in the ankle. Many people have experienced an ankle sprain at some point in their life, often resulting from falling, tripping or rolling the ankle. People who play sports are often susceptible to ankle sprains.

Shin Splints – shin splint pain will occur on the inside of the lower leg, just beneath the halfway mark of the shin. The pain will often come on after a period of time, and may or may not be so intense as to cause the runner to cease running. In more serious cases, the pain will remain for a period after stopping running.

Flat Feet – Pes Planus is a term podiatrists use to describe a foot that has a flattened arch. There are a number of causes for flat feet; many of them are due to some form of genetic predisposition.

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