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Forefoot Pain

Suffering from forefoot pain?  Pivotal Motion Podiatry can help reduce your foot pain using a variety of podiatry skills.

Fat Pad Syndrome – Similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, however, the symptoms impact the feet. Nerve signals at the bottom of the feet are interrupted resulting in pain, burning or numb.

Morton’s Neuroma – A common condition with pain experienced at the ball of the foot around the third or fourth toe. Can also consist of shooting pain in the toes or numbness.

Sesamoid Bone – An independent bone embedded into the tendon of the foot which can be impacted by sesamoiditis – a condition where this area becomes inflamed or irritated. The pain occurs gradually and in time can extend to cause tenderness under the big toe.

If you are concerned about any of the above conditions please contact Pivotal Motion Podiatry for assessment, diagnosis and treatment services.