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The Perfect Shoe

Purchasing the perfect shoe can be a nightmare for some.  Just like our feet, shoes come in all shapes and sizes. As a result, the perfect shoe choice will be different for everyone. Some feet will withstand poorly made footwear better than others. Some feet will do nicely with minimal support, whilst others will become painful very quickly if they aren’t properly supported.

Checklist for the perfect shoe

Pivotal Motion Podiatry have created a short checklist that details aspects of a shoe that tend to suit most feet. These points can be applied to running shoes as well as casual or recreational shoes.

    1. The heel counter should be firm and difficult to compress.
    2. The upper should be adjustable; with laces, a strap, or buckle.
    3. The upper material of the shoe should be firm enough to withstand movement force from the foot. It is best to be made from materials that enable the foot to breathe.
    4. The shoe should be as wide as the widest part of your foot, usually at the bunion joint.
    5. Adults should have at least 1cm of excess room beyond the longest toe. Kids can have a bit more room; 1.5cm; to allow for growth.
    6. The sole should be firm. It should only bend at the ball of the foot and twist about 1cm side to side.
    7. The sole should also provide some cushioning to enable shock absorption and comfort.
    8. A heel that is approximately 1-1.5cm from the toes is often better than completely flat shoes.

A few points to take into consideration when buying shoes:

Your shoes should feel comfortable. Never buy shoes with the expectation that they will become comfortable later.

      • The toes should not be compressed. The toe box should also be high enough so that it doesn’t rub on the top of the toes.
      • Your feet swell and change shape through the day – buy footwear toward the end of the day, when the feet are at their most swollen.
      • Most people benefit from having arch support. A contoured arch is often considered to be more comfortable.
      • Shoe sizing should be used as a guide only. Every shoe should be tired on before purchasing.

Pivotal Motion Podiatry can assist should you have any queries regarding the suitability of your footwear. Call Pivotal Motion Podiatry on 07 3352 5116 or book an appointment online.